Chaker’s Khazaal’s first novel, Confessions of a War Child (Part One), was published in March 2013; followed by Part Two (Lia) in 2014 and Part Three (Sahara) in 2015.  In 2017, he released his fourth novel, Tale of Tala, which made it onto the Amazon Best Sellers list and received a further award in 2019 from ITP Publishing in Dubai. The novel embraces the journey of a Palestinian refugee from living in a camp in Lebanon to becoming a victim of human trafficking in Europe. The subsequent book tour incorporated 35 cities and numerous book fairs.

For his fifth and most recent novel, Life Dice – due for release September 2020 – the author traveled to Iraq to interview Yazidis, Kurdish Fighters and the internally displaced. To raise further awareness of the compelling content of the novel, Khazaal partnered with Ayman Z. Jomaa of Numbase Group to develop a unique interactive app that allows readers to watch clips based on book events, providing additional and crucial details to the written words.


A Memoir with a Twist

Life Dice

New Novel With Option to Watch the Story and Change How it Plays Out with 6 Different Endings.

Tale of Tala

[2017] Chaker Khazaal traveled through Europe and the Middle East in 2015 talking to refugees about their different experiences.

Confessions of a War Child

[2013] Weddings signify the eternal bond between two people in love. But on this day, a bullet ends a marriage at the exact moment of its union.

Confessions of a War Child (Lia)

[2014] The story begins as the President of Kabar orders his guards to bring forth the captive and captivating Lia, one of the prisoners he had jailed a year ago.

Confessions of a War Child (Sahara)

[2015] In Confessions of a War Child – Sahara, the power of love vs. the love of power becomes a potent struggle when intertwined with a deadly confession.